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Booking Conditions

These conditions set out the terms of the contract, which you (the person(s) named on the confirmation of booking) enter into by booking a trip with us, Bus2Go, the terms of which become effective on you paying your deposit (where applicable) or us issuing a confirmation of booking to you. The contract does not start until the confirmation of booking is telephoned or handed to you.


Cancellation/Changes by you

In the event of you having to cancel your booking you should contact us immediately to avoid incurring any unnecessary charges. Any verbal cancellation of your booking must be followed up in writing within 24 hours. Unfortunately our bookings are arranged with service providers many weeks in advance of the date of travel and as a result we require to impose cancellation charges. Our Cancellation charges are as follows:-


Cancellation Date        Charge

6 - 1 days-       50% of Trip Price

Day of Departure - Full Trip Price


We accept your booking in good faith and you agree that there are no reasons which have not been disclosed to us in writing before booking (e.g. severe infirmity or incapability) which may make it unwise for you or your party to embark on the tour. The safety and wellbeing of all passengers on the Minibus is the responsibility of the Minibus driver whose directions providing they are reasonable must be respected by you. We are responsible for the acts and omissions of our staff and suppliers of services with whom we contract. We are not able to accept responsibility for unexpected or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control where we have taken all due care to avoid them.


Changes by us

We may require to cancel your trip in certain unusual, unforeseen circumstances beyond our control or in the event that the number of people booked on a trip does not reach our minimum (normally 12).


We sometimes make changes to journeys and excursions in response to adverse weather conditions, road repairs, road congestion and other local factors. In these circumstances the driver will exercise his discretion reasonably having all due consideration to the relevant factors and as a result there may be changes to the planned journey. In the event that the principal destination of your trip is no longer available for reasons beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised, then we will attempt to make alternative arrangements at no extra cost  Where we are unable to agree to make appropriate alternative arrangements, with both parties acting reasonably, we will either return you to the original departure point or to another mutually agreed place. Advertised pick up points and timings are only indicative and are not finalised until shortly before departure. A change to either the pickup point, pick up time or number of pick up points is not considered to be a significant alteration to the terms of the contract.



All complaints we receive are thoroughly investigated and customers are kept informed at each stage of the investigation. Sometimes investigations can take time as we await response from our service providers. In order to bring matters to the attention of the service providers at the earliest possible opportunity you should raise any matter to the on board volunteer so that matters can be dealt with there and then. Any complaint associated with transport should be intimated to the driver as soon as possible to give him the opportunity to correct any deficiency. Should the matter remain unresolved after a reasonable time has been allowed for action, you should report the matter to us without delay and confirm the same in writing as soon as possible thereafter. We would consider 28 days to be a reasonable time to confirm the complaint to us.


If you or any member of your party is considered likely to cause offence, danger, damage or distress to others we reserve the right at all times to cancel or terminate your trip completely. If this situation arises our responsibility under the contract will cease and we will be under no obligation to cover expenses incurred nor shall we consider any claims for compensation or refunds.


Smoking and the consumption of alcohol are not permitted on our Minibuses.


Compensation is not payable (a) in the event of us cancelling a trip in the event that the number of people on the tour does not reach the required minimum or (b) for unusual and unforeseeable circumstances outwith our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised by us.

General Conditions

While at the time of going to print the details contained in any leaflets, handbills or posters are correct to the best of our knowledge, we will where possible inform you of any inaccuracies or changes to the brochure details at the time of booking.


These terms and conditions shall be governed by the law of England.


Terms and Conditions